Best Transmission Fluid For Allison 1000

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Best Transmission Fluid For Allison 1000. Allison does not recommend using a machine to filter or flush the transmission. Allison has developed a fluid + filter calculator, which provides change interval information.

10002000 Series from

There is a lot of allison 1000's out there. Allison does not recommend using a machine to filter or flush the transmission. If anyone wants more detailed information about the fluid options for the allison, dnewton3 has an extremely thorough overview here.

Allison Does Not Recommend Using A Machine To Filter Or Flush The Transmission.

They are all compatible with dex vi. The fluid needs to be synthetic, compatible with temperature fall if you’re living in a cold area, and most importantly, has to give you the best transmission experience. There are several beneficial reasons why we use it, transmissions cool down faster between rounds with it, as it dissipates heat faster than trans fluid.

Initially The Allison 1000 Was A 5 Speed Transmission, Rated To Handle Up To 620 Lb·ft (841 N·m) Of Torque.

Allison does not recommend using a machine to filter or flush the transmission. Initially the allison 1000 was a 5 speed transmission, rated to handle up to 620 lb·ft (841 n·m) of torque. Your under warranty, so tes 295 would be just fine, or maybe you better stick with dex 6 and change it every 30k.

Rigorously Tested & Always Under Full Warranty.

I tried reading on here about what fluid i should use in my 2005's allison transmission, but i can't find any straight answers. Transynd allison transmission oil gallons for sale in from We cover brake fluid, differential gear oil, transfer case fluid, steering fluid and more.

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What Type Fluid Recommended For Allison 1000 Transmission.

Converters often actually tighten up a few hundred rpm with it and make for more efficient coupling. Rigorously tested & always under full warranty. Ad shop our huge online inventory of built allison® transmissions, performance parts & more.

There Is A Lot Of Allison 1000'S Out There.

Allison approved synthetic fluids provide extended drain intervals and offer thermal and viscosity advantages over conventional petroleum based fluids, as well as other synthetic fluids. Best transmission fluid for allison 1000. I am assuming the tranny has dexron vi in there now, but i am not for sure.


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