How To Install Sharkbite Fittings On Pex

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How To Install Sharkbite Fittings On Pex. This prevents the fiting from being used as an anchor point do not exceed the minimum beñd radius ot the pipe, (see illustration on p. Fully insert the pex fitting into the pex tubing so that the fitting's shoulder touches the tubing.

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Insert the tube into the fitting until the tube reaches the tube stop. Twist the fitting a bit, and you are all done. You should then mark each pipe joint on end to show where the sharkbite fitting will fit.

Fully Insert The Pex Fitting Into The Pex Tubing So That The Fitting's Shoulder Touches The Tubing.

These rings are typically made of copper, but may be found in plastic as well as brass. The liner reinforces the wall of the pex tubing to help prevent collapse of the tubing wall. What is the best way to connect pex fittings?

To Use The Disconnect Clip,.

There is no need for special tools or clamps; The most common connection method used in pex installation is the “crimp” method. Connecting these fittings is quite simple, involving only three major steps;

You Can Cut Pex Pipe With A Rotary Tube Cutting Tool.

You should then mark each pipe joint on end to show where the sharkbite fitting will fit. Now, turn on the water and check the connection. The method of assembly is quite similar regardless of the pipe material or size.

To Remove The Fitting, Use A Sharkbite Disconnect Clip Or Disconnect Tongs.

Why should i use sharkbite fittings? Once installed, the sharkbite joint will look like a slight cut on the exterior wall of your copper pipe. Just push the tube into the fitting until you reach the depth mark.

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You Can Install Sharkbite Fittings In A Matter Of Minutes Using Some Essential Tools That You Probably Already Have In Your Home.

Little side note, you can leave the plastic insert in the sharkbite fitting even if you use it with copper. Each sharkbite fitting has a plastic insert and this makes the pex connection solid. Use your sharkbite deburr & gauge tool to measure and mark the insertion depth on your pipe.

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