How To Read Electric Meter Liberty 100

How To Read Electric Meter Liberty 100. Its event reading capabilities like power outage and other abnormalities and temper detection design provides data for revenue also supports firmware upgrade, allowing communication features and functionality to be updated in the field. To see your meter reading, please use the 'imprt' screen.

Secure Liberty 100 smart electricity meter, measuring from

After this, continue to press 'a' to cycle through the different options until you see 'total active import'. Secure liberty 100 (smets1) to get a reading from these smart meters: 0012565.3) followed by kwh at the bottom right of the screen.

The Modules Can Be Replaced In The Field So That Investment In The Meter Is Protected Even If Communications.

In this video i will take you through step by step tutorial showing you how you can read a secure liberty 100 smart meter. To see your meter reading, please use the 'imprt' screen. How to read secure liberty 100 electric meter joseph from this acts as a hub for communication between the head end system and to the gas meter/in home display.

Your Smart Meter Screen Will Show A Series Of Letters:

Press 6 on the keypad until you see ‘imp r01’ followed by 8 digits you’ll then see 8 digits (e.g. You’ll see 'imp r01' followed by a reading. You’ll see the following information:

Hold Ok Until It Enters The ‘Main Menu’, You Will See ‘Billing’ Appear;

For 2 rate liberty 100 meters: The modules can be replaced in the field so that investment in the meter is protected even if communications. Press 6 a few times until you see 'imp r01' followed by a reading.

Active Rate Register(S) Consumption And Cost Per Unit Recorded

Press 9 on your keypad. Using the arrows, scroll to ‘info’ (2 pushes of the > button) How to take readings both gas and electricity smart meters have a numerical keypad.

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0001234.5) Followed By Kwh At The Bottom Right Of The Screen.

Both the meter and communications hub are capable of remote firmware upgrade after installation. Get into the habit of reading your meters at least monthly This will be your peak/day time reading this is your read, so for this example your reading would be 12565

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